Monday, December 26, 2011

Believe In You and Others Will Too

It isn't always easy to make other take notice of you. But if your belief is strong enough it will show in some way and convict other around you. This is an extreme example and I wish I didn't have to admit that this little guy is able to do what I have yet been able to make myself look forward to. I doubt anyone can leave this audience doubting what our youth can do. You must believe in yourself and resist when people say or show that they think otherwise. You wouldn't be hear if you didn't have goals, dreams, or just the general desire to make more out of your life.

Never let anyone dim your light. This guy will surely help it to burn brighter. I am challenged to face fear and have faith to push harder every time I see this video. I hope it strikes you the same way.

It's the new year. Believe in yourself and watch how others will become convinced to believe in you to.

What Meth Does To Beauty - The Timeline of 3 Women

These are 3 women who became addicted to meth. This of course is a somewhat shallow reason to avoid trying drugs. But think about the deeper implications. What must be happening in their minds to allow themselves to be lead down this path to get high?
You ladies love your appearance yet this drug overpowers your desire to maintain. Is that not enough to stay away from the power of the drug. Also, if it changes your outward appearance so dramatically, think about what it is doing to the body?

It's a New Year, time to step the game up. The decisions you make will haunt you or help you move forward in life to get closer to your dreams.

What Do You Do Online? It's a Jungle Out There

A lot of people get caught up while online. The longer you go without something bad happening the more relaxed you get. The more friends you see being free spirited with their online activity the easier it is for you to let your guard down. The problem is that there is very little keeping anyone from being targeted by people online who wishes to do harm. I know you have heard the term over and over predators are out there. Like most other bad things we assume that those things will no happen to us. No longer do things only happen to popular people. With just the number of people online anyone can get harassed for any reason or no reason. With single site becoming so popular like Facebook which allow people to connect and find others in so many ways, it's easy to abuse the internet.

Be careful what you do. Watch what you post. Remember where you are. It's is a Jungle online and there are beast of all kinds online with you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learn all you can while you can, especially reading and writing

Prompted by reading an article on

While the culture would lead you to believe that actually paying attention in school and trying to learn is not cool, serious issues arise from not doing so.
Learning to read and write in order to communicate and comprehend better as well as to help with creativity and the ability to think is necessary in order to win at life. I do realize that some youth don't have the support and encouragement they should at home. I realize that there may be other issues which create an environment that makes studying at home difficult.

If this is the case, see if you can spend time in the library or boys and girl club or some other organization in your neighborhood where you can get it in. Some churches (not enough if your don't maybe see if the Preacher will start one) offer classes for at youth. It will play an important role in your future success.

What ever you do......don't give in to the challenges that work against you learning to read, write, comprehend and communicate. (or learn in general for that matter)Especially don't let some clown calling you a nerd or lame keep you from learning!

If your falling behind let someone know. If your teachers don't seem to care, see the principal, if he/she don't care. Get in touch with Superintendent. They are supposed to be there to help prepare you for future success.

2/3rd of African American children read at or below their grade level if you have a younger brother or sister,(color doesn't matter) make sure they are learning to read and write. Thank God for organizations like this one trying to correct the issue. Spread the word.

Read and Rise |

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teen Pregnancy Can Keep You From Pursuing your Dreams

I could write all day about this issue. There are so many things that you already know about it because it is obvious, but at the same time, it's hard for it to sink in and to understand how much it really changes your life. Then of course people will comment on how teens who were moms ended up ok later in life. No one is saying that everyone will live miserable from teen pregnancy. The fact is though, more teens who end up pregnant end up in poverty or never having a chance at the future they had envisioned prior to pregnancy. Sometimes resentment, depression, drug abuse, and/or involvement with companions who are abusive in relationship adds to the stress of being a single parent. Many teen pregnancies end with a single mom or abortion. Neither is fair to the young mother or the child. More on teen pregnancy.
Check out this video.

Wow, I took a minute to look at some other videos. These are pretty good and insightful.

Urban Youth statistics show homicide by gun higher than the national average

This is the results of a study from 2006 - 2007 but it was just published by the author this month. Don't know if that is the latest study but still it is important. Of course last years numbers would be into context where we are now headed.

I just felt it something I wanted you to see.The age group is 10-19 urban youth. Death by gun higher than all other groups combined.

I just want you to be aware of the importance of trying to avoid situations that may lead to you or your friends being a part of this number. Choose your friends wisely and stay clear of drama.

Full story that was published